Highlight on Bananas & Fun Banana Sushi Recipe!

Bananas are one of my favourite foods and snacks because they are filling and you can travel with them so easily. There is a lot of fear around fruit and natural sugars but I think bananas can still play a big role in a healthy eating lifestyle.

Bananas contain good sources of:

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin C

  • manganese

  • fiber

  • copper

  • biotin

  • potassium

Most people know that bananas contain good amounts of potassium which is why they have been seen to support athletic performance and support cardiovascular diseases.

Download this fun, simple and free Banana Sushi Recipe here!

Bananas can also support digestive health because of its fiber content. Some people find that eating a banana can help with constipation but not only that, they can support healthy gut bacteria levels.

Now, not everyone with digestive issues does well with eating bananas. People with candida or IBS may want to be cautious, at least for a period of time if they are following some type of gut healing protocol.

How do you cook with bananas?

  • plain

  • frozen chunks in smoothies

  • frozen chunks blended up to make vegan ice cream

  • on top of oatmeal, yogurt, chia pudding

  • in banana breads and muffins

  • banana egg pancakes

  • with nut or seed butter

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