Highlight on Asparagus and Free Recipe Inside!

One of my favourite times of the year is when asparagus comes into season for the months of May and June. Local asparagus seems to be exceptionally better than the asparagus that gets imported to Canada throughout the year. When May and June rolls around, I tend to eat it as much as I can!

This low calories vegetable contains high levels of vitamin K, folate, fibre vitamin C, and vitamin A. And because it contains anti-inflammatory properties is can be a staple in your diet to promote long-term health.

Have you ever noticed your pee smells after you eat asparagus? That is completely normal. Although it doesn't happen to everyone this vegetable is a natural diuretic so don't be alarmed if you notice you have to pee more too.

Download a FREE Asparagus Salad recipe HERE!

How should you cook asparagus?

Asparagus is one of the vegetables you can really have fun with. It cooks nicely on a BBQ which is great for a summer meal, you can pan fry and sauté it in olive oil, spices and herbs and you can bake it with some lemon, spices, herbs and oil. Pair it with fresh fish, add it to a grain bowl or add as a side to a summer BBQ.

Need some inspiration? Check out my Asparagus Bacon Pizza recipe!

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