Highlight on Apples & Cinnamon Chips Recipe!

Apples are probably my most consumed fruit. I am a big fan of adding some to my oatmeal and eating apple slices with nut or seed butter as a snack.

There are SOO many apple varieties so its hard to break down the benefits of each but generally speaking they contain:

-vitamin C


-vitamin K

-fibre (pectin)

They also contains important antioxidants and carotenoids that can decrease inflammation and their fibre content, particularly pectin can support heart and digestive health.

In Ontario you can get apples almost all year round but many people like to go to apple orchards in late September!

Download the FREE Cinnamon Apple Chips Recipe here!

Need some more inspiration? Check out my Harvest Salad recipe!

How should you prepare them?

-On their own with the skin

-apple slices with nut or seed butter to stabilize blood sugar

-in desserts

-on oats

-on yogurt

-on chia pudding

-in salads



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