Grounding Foods

There is a lot of interesting information out there around the idea of grounding foods. You may notice in the winter months your body craves more roots vegetables and hearty dishes whereas in the summer you feel a bit lighter and crave lighter foods like smoothies. How food makes you feel is referred to as the energetics in foods. If you want to read more about this traditional Chinese approach to medicine then check out this simple to follow article here. Some people also talk about grounding foods in relation to the Root Chakra but the main message here is that if you are feeling a bit spacey then your body may be telling you that you need some more grounding foods incorporated into your diet and, that with the changing seasons, you may feel a shift in the foods your body is craving. What are some good grounding foods? Vegetables

  • sweet potatoes

  • yams

  • squash

  • carrots

  • beets

  • giner

  • radish

  • parsnip

  • turnips

  • onion

  • pumpkin

  • ginger

Fruit (think red - think root chakra)

  • apples

  • strawberries

  • cherries


  • fish

  • poultry

  • beef

  • nuts

  • seeds

  • fermented foods

  • whole grains

  • warming spices

How to use them? Personally, I don't have a hard time incorporating grounding foods into my diet because I love sweet potatoes, squash, beets and carrots! If you're like me, this might not be too challenging but for others, many of these foods may not be staples in their diets. If you think your body may be signalling you to eat more grounding foods then I suggest you look into buddha bowl recipes, macro bowls or grain bowls.

The premise is fairly simple. 1. Pick a base like brown rice, quinoa, or millet.

2. Then pick your protein and perhaps some healthy fats like nuts, seeds or oil.

3. Next, Decide what flavour you want to achieve by using warming spices, incorporating fermented foods etc.

4. Decide what grounding veggies you want to use. Personally I prefer to roast them with sea salt and avocado oil which gives your veggies a great flavour and texture.

5. Combine all your ingredients into a bowl and enjoy!

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