Getting outside this fall season

When the weather cools down, it can be harder to get outside.

Here are some my top tips to enjoy the fresh fall air!

Go apple picking and check out farm markets

Ok, let's be real, apple picking is great AND you get apples out of it, so what's not to love. Spend some time picking apples and checking out local farm markets for local produce, honey, maple and more!

Visit a pumpkin patch

I decided not to put this with the apple picking tip because it's separate excuse to get out and do something fun. Grab a coffee, tea, latte, and friend and go pick out some pumpkins and enjoy the scenery!

Create a list of hikes you want to go to

Check out local trails in your area or even within a reasonable drive and actually SCHEDULE them into your calendar. Ask a friend or family member to join you!


I actually love a good campfire in the fall when the mosquitos are biting and you can get all cozy and enjoy a hot chocolate and treat. Plan a weekend away at a cottage or create your own fire and cozy up with a book

Go walk or bike ride

Simple but can be hard to motivate ourselves to do. Schedule it in your calendar and get out for a walk/bike ride even if it's just for ten minutes. You would be surprised how a short walk/bike ride can really boost your energy and change your mood.

Happy apple picking!


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