Gaining Support from Your Partner

When you are starting/re-starting or continuing on a health journey, it can feel isolating at times. This is especially true if you don't have someone who supports you and wants you to achieve your best self.

There may be many reasons why someone is not outwardly supportive. Perhaps they are preoccupied with other things, don't understand why you are changing certain things or, for many people, they are jealous.

Personally, I am a fairly self-motivated person. I started eating well and exercising long before I started to date my now fiance. With that being said, he is extremely important in my health journey as he challenges me even more and also supports anything I do. If it wasn't for this support, I can't even imagine trying to reach my goals. He eats what I cook, he keeps me in check without being a bully, and also helps me on those days when I feel unwell (even if it was self inflicted).

I know this isn't necessarily the norm. I have had multiple clients who's partners were not fully supportive of their health goals, meaning they were left cooking two dinners, having to resist temptation as their partner brought home unhealthy food, and even felt alone as their partner didn't necessarily see or understand the need for these lifestyle changes.

So how do you get your partner on board, or even friends and family? Well, hate to break it to you but I don't have a magic answer but here is what has worked for me in the past with my fiance, friends, and family. Let me also point out that not everyone understands or seems fully supportive and I get criticism for not eating gluten and rice and dairy.

01 | Express how you are feeling both physically and mentally. I use to try and hide the pain I would feel when I first started dating Brendan. I would have a migraine or digestive upset and just try to play it off. It wasn't until too long when I couldn't keep holding back the pain and he soon realized that I couldn't join him in a slice of pizza or a Quiznos sub haha

02 | Explain why the changes you are making are important. This can be as simple as "I want to feel better about myself", "I want to be more healthy", "I want to get stronger", or maybe more specific for example "I can't eat wheat because it gives me stomach pain" or "I can't drink because it gives me migraines". Usually when you explain something like that people are pretty understanding. If they aren't, don't waste your breath on them anymore. You don't need to justify yourself for someone else.

03 | Get your partner to join in on some of your changes. Ask them to workout with you once a week, cook with you, etc.

04 | Team effort is key. Ask you partner not to bring in unhealthy foods that you would be tempted to eat. For me this works well. Brendan sticks to Doritos and spicy flavoured chips which means I have no desire to eat it. But if it was chocolate on the other hand....

05 | Ask for help. Going on a health journey, no matter how intense can be difficult. Be sure to ask for help when you need it or even just talk to them about what you're experiencing.

06 | Make healthy versions of classics like healthy tacos, pastas and pizzas! This way you can enjoy meals together that taste good and help you stick to your goals.

In good health,


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