Fitness Rep Challenge

It can be hard to jump right into the gym and feel like you know what you're doing or if you're like me, you push it too hard before your body is physically ready.

Join me for a one week fitness rep challenge to challenge ourselves to increase repetitions on simple moves you can do at home!

Here is how it works:

Warm up for 10 minutes (skipping, walking, running) before each set and before to stretch after each set.

Note: please ensure you lower the amount of reps if needed. If you are more advanced, you can always add more!

Day 1: 5 jump squats, 5 pushups, 5 full sit ups, 1 burpee

Day 2: 7 jump squats, 7 pushups, 7 full sit ups, 2 burpees

Day 3: 9 jump squats, 9 pushups, 9 full sit ups, 3 burpees

Day 4: 11 jump squats, 11 pushups, 11 full sit ups, 4 burpees

Day 5: 13 jump squats, 13 pushups, 13 full sit ups, 5 burpees

Day 6: 15 jump squats, 15 pushups, 15 full sit ups, 6 burpees

Day 7: 17 jump squats, 17 pushups, 17 full sit ups, 7 burpees

Want to go longer? There are many 1 month rep challenges you can find online and on Pinterest!

Don't forget to use the hashtags #simplynicnutrition and #fitnessrepchallenge so I can follow along on instragram and Facebook!

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