Fall Reset 2019

I have said this before and I will say it again, the start of September and getting into the Fall is my version of New Years. No I still don't prescribe to the idea of New Years Resolutions but I find it a great time to think about my priorities and get back into a routine that supports health, wellness, and productivity!

Why the fall?

The summer seems to be a bit crazy for everyone because you may go on vacations and road trips, have family obligations like BBQs, weddings, showers, etc., and with that you may not be in your usual routine and focusing on eating healthy.

I love the fall because there seems to be this energy shift as kids go back to school and the weather gets cooler that people are cleaning out their closets, prepping their lunches, and getting back into a routine.

Take this time to do the same for you!

Why I need it

I personally need it for the reasons listed above. I don't like to be too regimented in the summer as its my favourite season and it doesn't last for long in Canada so I like to use the changes in seasons as a way to change things up in my life.

Setting Goals 101

Now before you get too crazy, focus on creating actionable and sustainable goals. Pick a few SPECIFIC things you are going to do. Check out my list below for some inspiration. I start off my writing my broader goal but then follow up with how I will be doing that.

What I am focusing on

1. Making outdoor time a priority even when the weather gets cooler. At least one run outside a week and 2 walks outside per week.

2. More greens in the form of smoothies and salads. At least once per day.

3. Limiting my coffee intake and not using it as a way to stay awake. One per day.

4. Being more mindful by using my gratitude journal and taking work breaks.

5. Doing more meal prep. Cut up my veggies at the beginning of each week and wash legumes/beans.

My challenge to YOU

1. Make a list of things you would like to accomplish - specific or broad

2. Pick 3-5 but no more

3. Work on creating specific actions to make those happen!

In good health,


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