Ep. 9 Out Loud: Welcome to Out Loud with Avery and Nicole

Updated: Jan 29

I am super excited to announce that I am partnering with Avery Hall, Owner of MINDMOVES to create a mini series within the Random Wellness Podcast called OUT LOUD! The goal of this series is to bring different perspectives to issues, themes and topics as well as have real and unfiltered conversations.

Both Nicole and Avery bring different perspectives on health and wellness through their nutrition and fitness backgrounds but also through their different lived experiences.

During this first episode, learn more about how "Out Loud" was born, why Avery joined forces with Nicole and then Nicole and Avery ask each other rapid fire questions so you can learn more about the each of us!

listen here:

Want to submit questions or themes for the podcast? Email info@simplynicnutrition.com or send Avery a message through instagram @_mindmoves_ or Nicole through instagram at @simplynicnutrition

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