Ep. 8 Kathryn Ducey on childhood trauma, manifestation, + her journey on becoming a coach and healer

Today I had the pleasure to speak to my friend Kathryn Ducey who is a coach and speaker. Kathryn helps individuals heal their trauma and enable people to tell the truth of who they really are.

During this episode, Kathryn opens up about her own personal traumas and the journey she has taken to where she is today. She gives an interesting insight into how trauma stems from childhood experiences and how some traumas that may not seem significant to someone, may, in fact, be impacting the way they live today.

Kathryn also opens up about the journey that lead her to become a coach and how her practice has changed greatly since the beginning.

She also shares her experience with working with coaches herself even today and how coaches themselves should also have coaches.

Be sure to check out Kathryn on instagram @kathrynducey for juicy thought-provoking posts and inspiration!

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