Ep. 6 Emma Jack on her journey to becoming a physiotherapist, the impact of stress on our bodies...

In this episode I chat with Emma Jack, physiotherapist, pilates instructor and owner of Press Play Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Emma shares her journey on how she became a physiotherapist, opening up her own practice and working for Team Canada. Emma also shares some simple tips on how to improve posture at your desk that don't cost any money.

In our conversation we also discuss how the importance of addressing mental health with both clients to ensure they receive support and get better but also as a health care practitioner. Emma believes that she would be doing a disservice to her clients if she didn't address the mental health piece.

Emma and I also touch on the importance and the struggles of finding time self-care as a small business owner and other challenges she faces as an entrepreneur.

Find Emma on instagram @pressplayphysio and visit her website: www.pressplayphysio.com

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