Ep. 29 Jess Lowe on reiki, reflexology, ionic foot baths, crystals, astrology and all things woo-woo

During this episode, I had the pleasure to speak to the kindest and gifted soul, Jess Lowe, owner of Naturally Rooted. Jess is a reiki practitioner, holistic nutritionist, and reflexologist who uses ionic food baths and crystals in her practice.

Jess shares how she uses ionic foot baths and reflexology as a form of detoxification, reiki for spiritual, emotional and physical healing as well as crystals!

During our conversation, she explains the science behind each of these practices, what to expect if you have never tried them, what you may experience after a session, as well as the benefits of each healing modality.

At the end of our conversation, we also get into astrology and human design where we realize that we need to record an entire episode for season two just on that topic! So if you have any human design, Astro chart or astrology questions, send me an email at info@simplynicnutrition.com

Listen at: https://anchor.fm/randomwellnesspodcast

Be sure to follow Jess on instagram at @jamloweroots and her website www.naturallyroot.ca


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