Ep. 21 Digestive health basics to make sure you are supporting your gut health

As someone who has experienced gut health issues for most of their life (see Episode 1 to hear my story), I know the importance of supporting gut health for overall health.

Having poor gut health not only impacts your actual gut health but other body systems as well like your endocrine system and immune health.

During this solo episode, I share some of my personal experiences with digestive health and some of my top everyday tips to help promote better digestion and gut health. Whether or not you think you may be out of balance, most of these tips are something that can be helpful for anyone to know!

Some of the things I cover are the mind-gut connection, lifestyle habits that impact gut health, supplements and how nutrition can support gut health.

I would love to hear from you though! If you have any tips or resources you want to share, want me to expand on certain points or have other questions not related to this topic you want to be answered on the podcast, then leave a comment below, email me info@simplynicnutrition.com or send me a message via instagram @simplynicnutrition

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