Ep. 18 How to create a well balanced meal and why fats, carbs and protein are all key nutrients

Nutrition can be so confusing. Trust me, as a nutritionist, I am constantly being bombarded with new studies, diets, and ways of doing things.

With that being said, I am someone who not only likes to focus on nutrition basics when working with clients but also likes to focus on the concept of intuitive eating (which I will speak to on a different podcast).

During this solo episode, I talk about the 3 main macronutrients and how you can use basic nutrition information to make healthy and well balanced meals without following a diet!

I also speak to why we need these nutrients from a fundamental standpoint in order to remind individuals the key role that each of them play.

Download the workbook mentioned in the podcast here!

I would love to hear from you though! If you have any tips or resources you want to share, want me to expand on certain points or have other questions not related to this topic you want answered on the podcast, then leave a comment below, email me info@simplynicnutrition.com or send me a message via instagram @simplynicnutrition

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