Ep. 14 Brooke Hohenadel on her sleep journey and behaviour changes we can make to improve our sleep


In today's episode Nicole had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke Hohenadel, Sleep Consultant and owner of Bed Time Beginnings.

Brooke shares the personal struggles she had with sleep when she became a mother and how that journey led her to do the work that she does today. During this episode she touches on how she works with infants, children and adults and how most of the time, sleep issues stem from behaviours. Brooke shares what many of those behaviour changes are for different age groups and how she involves children in the process.

Brooke shares a lot of tips for adults and how things like stress, blue AND white light, stimulation from devices, lack of movement, and so much more can impact our ability to achieve good and restful sleep. We also talk about how quickly people can start seeing changes in both their children and themselves when focusing on behavioural changes.

If you want to learn more than you can find Brook on social media @bedtimebeginnings or you can visit her website www.bedtimebeginnings.com and even book a free 15 minute consultation!

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