Ep. 12 Jenn Gall on starting a business, managing a team, and breaking the 9-5 norm

Updated: Feb 16

In today's episode I had got to chat with my friend Jenn Gall, Owner of Something Simple which is a social media and creative studio based in London, Ontario, Canada,

Jenn speaks about the interesting journey that led her to become an entrepreneur and how rejection from one job ended up being the biggest gift on her entrepreneurial journey. During our conversation she also speaks about the changes she has experienced in terms of services and having to manage employees and interns.

During our conversation Jenn also speaks to the idea around the term "hustle" and how it's over glorified in the entrepreneurship space and how entrepreneurs can be productive without working 60 plus hours.

Jenn also speaks about the importance of creating community within the business community, asking questions and learning from one another (if you are from the London, Ontario area, be sure to check out her Create and Caffeinate events)!

Contact Jenn at hello@somethingsimple.co and on instagram at @somethingsimpl_

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