Ep. 05 Simple and affordable ways to boost your energy naturally

We all tend to experience the energy dip at some point during the day which is natural but it becomes a problem when it starts to impact your productivity and ability to get through the day without drinking tons of coffee.

In this episode I breakdown some of my top tips to boost energy naturally. The best part, many of these things are things you can start incorporating TODAY and are cost effective.

No need for fancy gadgets or expensive superfoods. In this episode I talk about not only nutrition tips but also key lifestyle tips such as sleep, movement, and stress in terms of promoting energy throughout your day.

I would love to hear from you though! If you have any tips or resources you want to share, want me to expand on certain points or have other questions not related to this topic you want answered on the podcast, then leave a comment below, email me info@simplynicnutrition.com or send me a message via instagram @simplynicnutrition

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