Ep. 02 Martina Biljan on incorporating mindfulness and meditation into our everyday lives

In this episode I chat with Martina Biljan, Meditation and Yoga Teacher and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Martina shares her interesting journey on how she went from corporate to running her own successful health and wellness business. Martina also shares some simple practices to be more mindful in our everyday lives and how anyone can get into meditation.

In our conversation we also discuss how the health and wellness industry can be overwhelming for people looking into starting a yoga or meditation practice and/or starting to eat healthy and how you don't need to have all the fancy tools in order to get started.

Martina and I also touch on diet culture and the importance of balance when it comes to healthy eating in order to create a healthy relationship with food!

Find Martina on instagram @martinabiljan and visit her website: www.martinabiljan.com

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