Ep. 01 Nicole's health story and journey to becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Welcome to the first official Random Wellness Podcast with your host, Nicole VanQuaethem! Like is this really happening?!

In this episode I chat about my personal health journey and why I became a Holistic Nutritionist. I share my personal experience with digestive issues since I was a kid and the long journey I took to help resolve my digestive issues and how I am still dealing with gut health issues today.

I also share about my cancer diagnosis at the age of 25 and how it was not only challenging but how it also changed my outlook on the work that I now do today.

Related to both of these health journeys, I share about how they led to me becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist despite going to university for years prior in another field.

I hope you enjoy this VERY FIRST episode and learn a little bit more about me, the podcast and get excited about future episodes!

In good health,



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