Did you set realistic New Year's Resolutions?

Have you fallen back on your new year's resolutions? If you have answered yes then you need to know that you are 100% not alone as most people don’t stick to them.

Here are the issues:

  • You are setting goals after you just partied for a month straight

  • It’s cold and gross out and are you really going to want to scrape your car off at 5:00 am to go to the gym

  • It’s dark out which goes along with point 2

  • We feel guilty for relaxing, visiting friends and family and indulging in some holiday treats that we think we need to set these crazy goals

  • For some reason January 1st is when you’re going to make change but for some reason the past 12 months wasn’t good timing so what’s different?

  • Society tells us we need to lose weight after the holidays 

  • We set goals that are not specific, realistic, measurable or time bound. Saying I want to workout more is not exactly the best goal although I do appreciate the thought 

Ok, rant over.

You made some goals a few weeks back and you didn’t live up to them. Don’t sweat it. So what should you do? 

  1. Reflect on the original goals you set and think about why you didn’t achieve them.  Was it because you hate working out in the morning, you don’t know how to cook healthy, you set near impossible goals? 

  2. Now think about what you need and where you need help in order to move forward. Do you need a personal trainer to give you some workouts do to at home with little equipment? Do you need the support of a nutritionist to get you on the right foot? Do you need to schedule in meal prep days or create menu plans for yourself?

  3. Create new goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound (SMART principle). AND think about your WHY!!

Need some additional support to set some real goals that you can crush this season? Download my Goal Setting and Reflection Guide for FREE!

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