Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety - we have all experienced in some form or another. Some people experience it from time to time like when they have to public speak while others are in a constant state of anxiety. This can greatly disrupt an individual's life and quality of life.

Anxiety can stem from a multitude of reasons such as:

-preexisting health condition such as diabetes and hyper/hypothyroidism

-drug or alcohol abuse


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But those are just the physical. A lot of it can stem from the psychological such as stress from:

-a relationship


-health concerns



As well as other habits like:

-diet - lack of protein, deficient in key minerals like iron and magnesium and lack of essential fatty acids

-lack of sleep

The main issue is that being in an anxious state can wreak havoc elsewhere in our bodies. I know from personal experience, that my digestive system definitely takes a hit through periods of high stress. It's important that we take the essential diet and lifestyle steps in order to support our nervous system to decrease instances of anxiety and/or ensure our body is more prepared.


-protein - ensure you are getting all your essential amino acids in animal-based proteins and/or combining plant-based proteins



-probiotic rich foods and a probiotic supplement

-B Complex

-Vitamin D3

-Fish oil

-and other supplements (speak to a health care professional before taking supplements)




-counselling support


-sugar and alcohol

-coffee and caffeinated teas


-food sensitivities

-refined and processed foods and carbohydrates

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