Creating a wellness workspace

As someone who works from home, it's important for me to have a workspace that promotes: productivity, creativity and wellness.

Even if you don't have a home office or your home office is at your kitchen table, then check out the tips below to see if there are things you can incorporate into your space to make you feel more at ease while also making you more focused and motivated to do work.

1. Invest in a standing desk or make one

If you are someone who sits a lot during the day, then consider invest in a standing desk or one of those attachments you can put on the top of your desk that allow you to both sit and stand. Some desk move up and down allowing you to sit and stand throughout the day (which is ideal!), but if you have a permanent standing desk like myself, just add a comfortable stool so that you can switch up positions.

It's good to sit and stand throughout the day so don't think you have to stand there for 8 hours. Also, make sure the desk is set for your height to ensure you are not causing more stress on your body.

In my old office I actually cut down a cardboard box so that it was the right height and would put it on the desk with my laptop on and off throughout the day!

2. Add all the plants you can!

Plants can truly change your mood. If you are somewhere that doesn't have any natural light, consider fake plants even! If you do have the option for plants in your office, start with low maintenance ones like a cactus or snake plant. I even have a dried arrangement which requires zero maintenance!

3. Move and stretch.

This isn't necessarily something you can change about your space but allow yourself to move and stretch throughout the day to avoid neck and shoulder tension and even tight hips and hamstrings from sitting. If you have the space, perhaps leave a yoga matt in your home office to encourage you to move throughout the day. AND bonus if you can take some short walking breaks!

4. Keep things white and bright.

Now I know white doesn't necessarily resonate with everyone but the reason I say white is because it allows for a blank canvas and keeps the space looking brighter which is a common issue with offices. Since office spaces are usually the priority in your home, they may not get the largest and well lit room. Try to keep it on the brighter side to make it seem more spacious.

5. Hydrate!

Always keep your water close by to promote hydration.

6. Invest in gadgets that promote wellness.

Use an ergonomic mouse to decrease stress on your wrist, blue light glasses to protect your eyes from both blue AND white lights throughout the day and into the evening, and even a laptop stand to make it easier on your neck.

7. Keep things organized.

Try to create systems on your computer, in your office closet if you have one, your filing system, etc., to reduce stress and overwhelm throughout the day.

8. LAST, but one of my key tips, is to REDUCE CLUTTER!

How can you think straight when you have a million photos, highlighters (most of which are likely dried out), miscellaneous papers, chords and so on?!

  • Get rid of all unnecessary papers

  • Donate the million of random notepads from businesses, highlighters, pencil crayons, etc., that you know you never use.

  • Keep important files in a filing cabinet that is well labelled

  • Only keep one pen on your desk and replace it when you need to

  • If you need certain files on your desk, invest in some organizational file holders that suit your style

  • Try to keep files on hard drives and clouds to reduce paper

  • Use iCal, outlook or google calendar if you are fine without a planner

  • Use google drive to share files

  • Photos are great but try to limit the amount you have on your actual workspace

  • Only keep out the things you are using

I hope this helps you create a wellness workspace in your home or even at your place of work. Let me know in the comments what some of your tips are!

In good health,


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