Coffee Challenge

I have to admit, I love starting my day with a nice warm coffee or having a warm latte in the afternoon. Unfortunately, coffee isn't the greatest for every individual especially for those of us (myself included) who are high strung, overly stressed, hormonal imbalances and have digestive issues.

Although I believe coffee can be a part of your diet in moderation, its highly addictive, so I like to try and cut it out periodically throughout the year to see how my body is operating without it (especially my digestive system)!

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This week I challenge you to have NO coffee. You can go cold turkey and switch to herbal teas or water or try caffeinated tea first.

Day 1: Green/matcha tea

Day 2: Green/match tea

Day 3: Dandelion tea

Day 4: Dandelion tea

Day 5: Herbal tea

Day 6: Herbal tea

And thats it but its not as simple as it sounds! You may experience some symptoms, one of the most common being headaches. Power through and you will feel better!

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