Best of 2019

This year was a crazy one with lot's of new and exciting programs, products and experiences.

Here are some of the top highlights for Simply Nic Nutrition:

1. Being a vendor at some amazing events such as the Boho Bazaar Night Market, Soll Good Market, Market on Queens, Wildflowers Summer Solstice, TWYST event, and many others!

2. Launching my Good Vibes clothing line of clothing dedicated to simple design and inspiring positivity throughout people's day!

3. Creating new online ebooks and resources such as the Digestive Health Guide and Menu Plans, Boosting Energy Naturally 3 Week Program, and my online Simply Healthy Cookbook to name a few!

4. My first 3 month long group coaching program which launched mid September and ran until early December. This was an amazing experience and I loved seeing the commitment from the ladies who joined. I was also fortunate enough to snag some amazing guest speakers and prizes and gifts for the group members!

5. Being the in-house chef and nutritionist at the Happiness Experience retreat which I will also be doing again in January in Arizona! :D

Ok, so there are probably other things I am missing but all-in-all it's been a good year and I thank you all for your support. Can't wait to share all the exciting things coming in 2020!

Lots of love,


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