Benefits of Matcha and How to Use It

What is all the buzz around matcha? It seems like everywhere we look on instagram, there is someone with a matcha latte. I must say, the taste isn't for everyone, but as a fan of matcha myself, I think it's a great treat to have in lattes and smoothies.

So why do I love matcha?

  • it's high in antioxidants which is good for the prevention of disease

  • it is a good alternative to coffee if you find coffee makes you too jittery but you still want that energy boost

  • contains chlorophyll which is known for its detoxification properties

One thing I want to point out is to have everything in moderation. like coffee, it still contains caffeine and if you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine or perhaps has issues with sleeping, then I recommend that you watch how much you drink and avoid drinking it in the afternoon!

How do you use matcha?

  • my go-to way is in a latte with coconut milk, coconut butter, and vanilla flavouring

  • it is also great in baked goods

  • and smoothies!

When looking for a good brand, you want to look for the words "ceremonial grade" to ensure that it is high quality. The vibrant green colour is another key indication!

Check out my Lavender Matcha Latte recipe here!

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