10 uses for mason jars

Mason jars have made a serious comeback in recent years and are a trendy way to carry your food and reduce waste.

Why do I love mason jars?

  1. They are affordable

  2. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean

  3. They keep food fresh

  4. They are clear and make it easy to see what's inside

  5. Most fit into cupholders

  6. Free of toxins unlike many plastic containers

  7. They are super versatile and come in various sizes

  8. They are reusable

  9. You can easily replace the lids if you misplace them

  10. They look cute!

So what are my top 10 uses for mason jars?

  1. Water

  2. Storing nuts and seeds

  3. Storing flour

  4. Carrying smoothies and juices

  5. As a Q tip holder

  6. A a pen holder

  7. To carry coffee

  8. As a flower vase

  9. To hold my reusable straws

  10. To make chia pudding, overnight oats and mason jar salads

Let me know your favourite uses for mason jars below!

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