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Do I experience bloating, gas, cramping, irregular bowel movements, multiple food sensitivities?

Am I lacking in energy and have brain fog?

Am I highly stressed and notice changes in my mood?

Do I have poor skin health?

Am I ready to change my health? My life?

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lifestyle factors


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"I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole on several occasions. She created several meal plans for me. The meal plans include a detailed shopping list and some simple and delicious recipes that have become family favourites. I have also attended many cooking workshops with Nicole. I have learned how to make tasty snacks, healthy crockpot meals and easy lunches. During one of these workshops, I learned how to plan weekly menus and prep meals. I have adopted this practise and it has changed my life dramatically.

If you are considering working with Nicole, I would highly recommend you follow through with it. She is highly knowledgeable and enjoys her work. She lives her best life and is a great role model for healthy living. She works in a very professional manner and, yet, manages to be kind, caring and personable. She is very organized and responsible. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from Nicole."

-Amy S.


key coaching


Keeping meals and guidelines simple is essential for your overall success. I break it down in a way that is easy for you to understand through my Simply Nic Method


Healthy food is key but it's also important to practice balance. I work with clients in a way that promotes intuitive eating.


Although healthy foods and supplements are the main focus, we will also look at lifestyle habits that may be impacting your health goals

  • you answered YES to any of the questions above

  • you want to have more energy for your kids, partner and/or friends

  • you want to make healthy eating SIMPLE

  • you are short on time but need help to prioritize health

  • you want to feel HAPPY, VIBRANT, AND HEALTHY

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